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MIDI pedals are great for guitarists and bass players who need to play overlaying notes, trigger prerecorded parts, change effects (with programs like Guitar Rig), switching stage lighting, and MORE! Organists converting or ‘chopping’ their concert or Hammond-style instruments can MIDI-fy their foot pedals. You can even make your own set of pedals using just about any normally open, momentary switches.

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This site is devoted to making your own set of MIDI bass pedals from donor organ pedals and either a MIDI keyboard or some kind of MIDI translator. We hope to be able to answer questions, offer suggestions, see reviews and other helpful information that will aid the do-it-yourselfer in creating his own set of pedals. Find out what all this means?

Through the years, the site founder, Terry, has built several working sets of pedals, the first from an old MIDI keyboard and pedals from a Hammond organ. After over 60,000 hits on YouTube, and helping countless people via email hoping to make their own set of pedals on the cheap, Terry has started this site.

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From YouTube:

I always loved seeing artists like Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Masayoshi Yamashita (from Loudness), Mike Rutherford and others play Taurus Pedals while playing the guitar or bass.  Unfortunately for me, a used set of Moog’s famous pedals will set you back a couple thousand bucks.

Since there are plenty of ways to recycle, I figured I would contribute as well.  I bought a set of old Hammond organ pedals on eBay, and had a broken MIDI keyboard I used the parts from.  After trying my other set of pedals first, I tried for a couple of weeks on and off to get them to work.  I finally figured out they are wired incorrectly, so I switched to the Hammond pedals. Within an hour they were wired and ready.

Enjoy the video demo of the pedals in action!


  • Posted on 4. April 2011
  • Written by twocargar
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